LED Street light supply & Installation

Increasing work pressure and Day/Night shifts in corporate sector people usually travel in night timing it increases the use of light facility on road side. Street lighting provides a number of important benefits. It can be used to promote security in urban areas and to increase the quality of life by artificially extending the hours in which it is light so that activity can take place.Street lighting also improves safety for drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

UNIFY SOLAR supplies led street light and installation facility to customers.We are prefer street light make according to customer requirement like Surya, Syska, Philips, luminious, Havells, Voltaic, Vinayka, Wipro etc. light includes 2yr warranty period. In installation process our company using proper tools and tackles. Installation kit includes complete set of wrenches, screwdriver, stripping plier, Multi-meter and many other things.

All hidden items such as underground cable laying, Earthing, Concealing job shall be executed in the presence of the engineer.

In installation process led lights are fixed on poles.Unify solar deals in poles supply and installation. Poles are the backbone of efficient street lighting applications and urban city beautification projects. We offers a wide range of products right from 5m to 12m poles with different bracket options to meet the needs of the urban planners who find it necessary to accentuate the outdoors to maintain the right level of illumination that facilitates orientation in dark and meet the basic requirements of the residents and tourists.


Poles are different types

Ø Swaged Poles/ Tubular Poles :- Swaged poles are the most popular street lighting poles, even today. We offer the entire range of these ploes with high standards.

Ø Decorative Poles:- This category of poles is the favorite of all designers. We offer a wide variety of customized options to suit your design creations. Please contact our lighting experts to explore more on this range.

Ø Octagonal Poles/Conical Poles:-Modern octagonal poles are sleek, elegant and aesthetic. They provide a low maintenance, long life solutions for street lighting application.


Features and Benefits of LED Street Light Poles

Today, designers choose street light poles design that blends with the modern city landscapes to provide a more homogenous and distinguished look. Street light poles design affects the lighting output, and there are other parameters like Mounting Height, Spacing, Outreach, Drag Coefficient and Pole Geometry which influence the choice of the poles. We offer several types of street light poles vis-à-vis Swaged Poles, Decorative Poles, Octagonal Poles in a wide range of mounting heights.

We have been able to provide our clients the best quality of EPC services for AC Street Lights. Offered service is performed under the strict supervision of our experts using optimum grade tools and latest technology.

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